Przewodnik po okolicy

Baza Tlen is a perfect place for both: an intimate stationary rest and an ideal starting point to the nearby mountain “metropolises.” Baza Tlen – Karpacz – 22 minutes / Szklarska Poręba – 21 minutes / Jakuszyce – 30 minutes / Janské Lázně (Czech Republic) – 1h. / Harrachov (Czech Republic) – 40 min


When you come to Baza Tlen you can leave your car in our parking lot and boldly use the tourist attractions surrounding Zachełmie.

Chojnik Castle

You can go hiking in the Chojnik Castle. A very picturesque trail will take you to imposing, well-preserved ruins in less than an hour. From the highest point of the fortifications, on one side there is a view of the entire Jelenia Góra Valley, and on the other, a panorama of the high Karkonosze Mountains. Within the walls of the castle there is a mountain hostel, where you can have lunch, drink coffee, tea or beer.

The Seven Hills Trail

is an over seven-kilometre walk on the hills and slopes of seven hills surrounding Zachełmie. Przesiecka Góra, Kopa, Rudzianki, Chełm, Kucznik, Studnik and the last, so far unnamed hill – each of these places has its own character and charm.
It allows you to see the vastly located Zachełmie from several perspectives. Along the way, through over two hours, you can enjoy the local nature and the fragrant air of the forest. There are two hotels on the route – Concordia and Chojnik – great places for a “pit stop”.

Podgórna Waterfall (Wodospad Podgórnej) and The Myi Cascade (Kaskada Myi) (Przesieka)

Podgórna Waterfall is the third largest waterfall (10 meters high) on the Polish side of the Karkonosze Mountains.
The local Mecca for ice swimmers and a great place for a picnic.
A walk from Baza Tlen to Przesieka itself takes only 20 minutes. The next half an hour is a walk along the edge of the village.
It is worth extending the hike by several dozen minutes to visit the Myi Cascade. It is a smaller, 5 meter high waterfall. An extremely atmospheric,even magical place.

The Giant Bike Road

It’s almost 70 km of MTB paths. The names of the routes are the names of Slavic gods and demons: Perun, Utopiec, Doppler, Zmora, Borowy, Poświst, Skarbek, Licho, Błotnik, Rokitnik, Skrzat, Jaga, Leszy and Czart. It is a brilliant adventure for experienced cyclists who want to admire sensations, insane views and… to sweat.

There are also numerous routes of the Karkonosze National Park approximal to the village.

Karpacz and Szklarska Poręba are within a 20-minute drive from Baza Tlen.
It is hard not to mention the Wang Church in Karpacz or the Kamieńczyk Waterfall at Szklarska Poręba.
The main goal of trips from Baza Tlen are, of course, high mountain ranges and peaks: Śnieżka, Śnieżne Kotły and Szrenica.
It is also worth adding that the road to Jakuszyce will take about 30 minutes from here.

In spring and summer, we also recommend visiting the Siruwia Japanese garden, Little Japan in the heart of the Karkonosze Mountains. There is a mini museum with interesting exhibits and a giant playground for children. You can eat green tea ice cream and drink Japanese wine.

There are two ski resorts in the immediate neighbourhood:

–> Karpacz Skiarena

–> Skiarena Szrenica

A little further, on the Czech side, you can go skiing to several local resorts:

–> Pec pod Sněžkou

–> Černá hora

–> Černý Důl

–> Rokytnice nad Jizerou

–> Velká Úpa

–> Svoboda nad Úpou

–> Harrahov

There is a lot to choose from 🙂

Zachełmie (German: Saalberg) yesterday and today

Zachełmie is an unusual place with a deep – rooted tradition of a summer resort.
Already at the beginning of the 20th century, mountain hiking and winter sports enthusiasts from Wrocław, Dresden and Berlin were here numerous.
Zachełmie was popular because of its health benefits of particularly good air, because of which it was hailed as the Luftkurort.
In the 1930s, a natural swimming pool was established in the village, fed with water from mountain streams. At that time, it was the highest located swimming pool in Europe.

The atmosphere of the village was also conducive to artists who came to Saalberg at that time, in pursuit of inspiration and communing with the spirit of creativity.
This is where the outstanding Berlin poet Christian Saalberg (Christian Udo Rusche), the German playwright Bernhard Wilm and his brother Alfred, a scientist who patented duralumin in 1906, lived.
After the war, the famous and outstanding composer Ludomir Rożycki and his friend, pianist Władysław Kędra, settled in Zachełmie.

The Old Engine House (Stara Remiza)

If you are unable to reach us, ask for Stara Remiza. It is our closest neighbour; everyone knows it in the area.  Stara Remiza is a tourist information point, a reservoir of knowledge about Zachełmie, and the smallest cultural centre in the world.

The Karkonoskie Zachełmie Association (Stowarzyszenie Karkonoskie Zachełmie) breathed a second life in the building of the Engine House A group of local activists, enthusiasts of Zachełmie, did a really great thing.

The historic fire engine, which was almost a ruin, they turned into a multimedia village museum, a place of following the regional tradition and meetings between tourists and local people.

During summer holidays, until mid-September, the members of the Karkonoskie Zachełmie Association have weekend shifts in Stara Remiza, inviting tourists to visit this unique place.

In Stara  Remiza you can drink coffee, listen to stories about the village, relax on sun loungers and climb its tower.

Last summer, as part of the “Chamber University of Tradition” organized by the Association, it was possible to take part in very interesting workshops, conducted only by the inhabitants of the village. It is worth mentioning them: Zachełmian embroidery, herbal, beekeeping, floristic workshops, as well as the production of natural cosmetics and painting on wood.

The summer tradition also includes evening, open-air concerts of the local band Melodyja.

And all this at a professional level!

Today, Zachełmie is an extremely charming and peaceful place. It is a pleasant alternative for recreational activities for commercial and tourist-overloaded Karkonosze “capitals” – Karpacz and Szklarska Poręba.

The village is surrounded by walking and singletrack routes.

Its natural and climatic values are invariably its advantages.
We are happy that we can continue the summer resort tradition of Zachełmie and in the spirit of local patriotism, spread its history and awareness of the honourable neighbourhood of the Karkonosze National Park.

Our booking calendar
Our booking calendar

The optimal cooperation of Baza Tlen and its guests with the surrounding nature is our priority.

We invite you to Zachełmie!